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GIS Interactive

Character Reviews

Using the latest online web apps to present information as an alternative to static PDFs and documents.

Consultation Surveys

Take a look at how we use Operation Dashboards to create online survey for public consultation and then dynamically display the results.

Rules-based Planning

"Rules-based" software is used for modelling and testing of urban planning scenarios.

Note: This clip also contains audio

Heritage Studies

Using GIS to compile and display inventories of historic heritage buildings that can be displayed via council websites.

Interactive Models

Use cloud-based visualisation tools to quickly display GIS and 3D data in an interactive model where you are the pilot.

River Management

GIS web apps can be used to map key factors influencing flood management and control.

Virtual Reality

Heritage Sites

This 360o virtual model recreates a Military Training Camp that housed over 5,000 soldiers during WWI. The model can be accessed via a QR code on an interpretation panel to be installed on site.


Portable VR Headsets and smartphone technology are used with these interactive scenes.

Click on the targets to jump to a new location, and on the BEFORE/AFTER key to see the changes.

Town Centres

This interactive tool was used during public consultation. The imagery was accessed via a portable VR Headset linked to a mobile phone.

Click on the targets to jump to a new location, and on the BEFORE/AFTER key to see the changes.

BIM and Landscape Design

Collaborating with Consultants and Clients

Watch the steps from 2D plan through to 3D modelling - this demonstrates how we use the power of BIM software to integrate landscape design with architectural design.

3D Printing

Our 3D Printing capability allows us to build physical, scaled models throughout the design process.