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From the Air

Aerial Surveys

UAVs are used to perform aerial surveys, for example over large tracts of wilding pines in the South Island. Our BioSecurity team use imagery from these flights to monitor the effectiveness of control measures. 

Building Surveys

With today's rigorous health and safety requirements, a UAV is a great way of inspecting parts of buildings that are difficult to access such as roofs.

Filming & Photography

Video surveys - such as this one over a wetland - allow for detailed observation, monitoring and mapping of areas that are difficult to access by conventional means.

On the Ground

Collecting Field Data

Our Ecologists make extensive use of field apps to map, record and document the biodiversity within project areas, conducting both pre-development and post-construction monitoring surveys.

Collecting Feedback

We can create online feedback forms to assist in your public consultation. The forms can be "live-linked" to our mapping tools, enabling our consultants to quickly analyse the results.

3D Model Capture

Existing structures such as statues and street furniture can be easily converted in to 3D models, by using photogrammetry and point cloud technology to recreate them virtually.